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Elongated Seedless Grape Grafted Plant (Black Sapphire)

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These thumb size black seedless grapes took the market by storm by their unique taste, cute shape and size about 3-4cm long and 1cm diameter (thumb size). 

They have a very sugar flavor, which many compare to grape candy. There’s nearly no tartness.

These grapes are exceptional in fruit salads and pair well with many berries and fruits and makes premier grape jam.


If you desire to grow this variety of grapes at home, clean and organic right in your back yard. Here's some tips for you.

1. Soil: Use very well drained and loose soil. Add more sand (50% sand:50 soil) to grow grapes plant. 

2. Sunlight: Contrarily with what you might have heard, grape plant loves plenty sunlight. They are grown in high trellis to provide shade in rooftop and front yard besides grapes for our body. So choose a sunny spot to successfully grow grapes. 

3. Water: Water and keep your soil moist so that your plant can grow healthily. Avoid drying out soil especially during the hot summer day.

4. Trimming/cutting: Different from other fruit tree, grape plants will not flower or fruits without cutting or trimming. Do follow the guide we have created for you to trim grape plant the right way to get plenty and yummy grapes.

How to repot Black Sapphire Grafted Grape Plant: 

-Gently remove your grape plant from the plastic bag and place in the centre of the pot. Do not shake the existing soil out. As much as possible you want to keep all the soil and roots intact. 

- For more details of soil preparation, please refer to our guide.

Description of Black Sapphire Grafted Grape plant:

- Healthy grape sapling about 30-40 cm tall.

- Grafted plant to bear fruit in less than 1 year time provided with right care.

What's included in every package when you order Black Sapphire Grafted Grape Plant:

1. Grafted plant as described

2. Guide to care for grape plant


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