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Rose Plants- Rooted Stem Cuttings

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Roses are symbols of romance, love and beauty.

You can select different rose cuttings (with roots) here from Aum Garden and start beautifying your home Now.

For now Aum Garden carries these few varieties and will expand the collection in time to come.

1. LaFont

2. Kellog

3. Juliet

4. Monica

5. Carey

6. Flamingo

7. Macaron

8. Wisley

9. Tezza Yellow

10. Tezza Orange

11. Camelot

12. Nicole

13. William Shakespeare

14.  Leonardo De Vinci

15. Rainy Blue

16. Masora 

17. Sur La Neige

18. Yves Maiden Heart

19. Lady Candle


20. Corail Gelee 


21. Aoi

22. The Weegood 

23. Pas Deux

24. The Prince (David Austin Rose)

25. Julio

26. Summer Fireworks 

27. Seherazad 

28. Catalina


Dimension: about 50-60 cm height. 

All Cuttings come with roots.

Please follow instruction paper for detailed care of your cuttings and successful growing healthy roses later on.

Buy 5 get 1 Free while stock lasts.

Free Delivery for min $45 without live plants or $85 with live plants