About Us

Aum Garden is a new start up by Alicia Tran.
Alicia is a Vietnamese who has been living in Singapore for more than 20 years. 
She came here as a student to pursue her degree in NUS with the hope to provide a better future for her family back in Vietnam.
Like any foreigner she worked for many corporations and earned quite a decent income. However Alicia has never felt truly happy deep inside. She knew she wanted to do something for herself but she was not sure what was her exact passion and dream until recently when she spent more time doing her own gardening. 
She knew this is what she has been looking for. Gardening has given her a lot of joy and happiness just by simply taking care of her plants, nurturing them and see them develop on day to day basics. If you are a gardener, you definitely understand how this felt for her.
Besides, as a mother of 3, Alicia is also passionate about providing nutritious and healthy food for her children. By growing her own organic veggies and herbs at home, she knows exactly what she feed her plants and there after how the plants become her family's food.
Aum Garden was created with the mission to provide the necessary knowledge as well as gardening tools for Singapore home gardeners, people who believe they can and should grow their own healthy food for their family's health.
Today Alicia continues learning about planting, gardening and exploring different ways to grow healthy greens in Singapore landscape. She believes everyone can grow your food at home whether you live in a HDB, landed home or high rise building with our without sunlight, given today technology. All you needs is a reason and passion to do it.
All the products are carefully selected and tested by Alicia before they are offered to you. We hope this is a place where you will find value for your gardening journey.
We wish you bountiful harvest from your garden and garden of life.