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034 Vietnam Avocado Sapling

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034 avocado is probably the most loved avocado variety in Vietnam right now.

They easily catch people attention for their beautiful oval shiny look and their creaminess texture. You will fall in love with this species when you see it.

I chose this variety because of a few reasons.

1. They are hardy meaning they can resist diseases very well.

2. They are delicious to taste. Who can resist creamy and natural sweet avocados.

3. They can produce plenty fruits. What a show off to your friends and family members.

These sapling are grafted. They will produce fruits in less than 2 years time given proper care (please refer to the Guide given in every package when you order with me)

Their trunk is very sturdy. about 5-7cm diameter. Very healthy looking plant which you will fall in love at first sight.

A few things to note for friends who want to grow avocado in a pot.

1. Choose a  pot size min 65cm diameter. If you can afford a bigger pot please do. The bigger the pot the more avocados you can harvest.

2. Control your plant height by a. Trimming the taproot and secondary roots when you repot your sapling. You can control their taproot size, you can control your plant height, similarly to control the trunk top. Cut trunk top (choose the tallest one and cut first). Trunk top cut should be carried out after your plant fruits for the first time.

3. Control foliage spread by trimming branches. Again extensive trimming should be carried out after 2nd year when your plant already produces fruits for the first time. Normal trimming is still applicable to unhealthy branches, overlapping, upright and small branches. 

With these 3 tips you should be confident to grow your avocado in a pot with Fruits.

For more tips on fertilizing, diseases prevention, harvest, please refer to the detailed Guide given to you.

If you need any technical support, please feel free to reach me. Alicia at 8481 7108 or email


Thank you for choosing us.

I wish you bountiful and joyful harvest.