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3-In-1 Organic Veggie Tower (Veggie Growth, Vermiculture, Kitchen Scrap Composting)

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1. Why you should own this system? 

Because you Deserve the Best!

2. What is 3-in-1 Veggie Tower?

3-in-1 Rotating Organic Veggie Tower is an all in one solution for an eco-friendly gardening experience.

As a Planter, 3-in-1 Veggie Tower is a multi-tier planters to grow any veggies, herbs or flowers, even climbers you want

As a Built-in Composter

3-in-1 Veggie Tower Reduces waste! It turns kitchen scraps into natural fertilizers which directly feeds your veggies growing on the tower.

It replicates a natural ecosystem by giving your plants direct access to nutrients made from your kitchen scraps.

As a Vermiculture Tool

Vermiculture (Earthworm Breeding) can be introduced into the system to speed up the process and to produce Vermicast, ie. earthworm fertilizers 

Save water! Excess water is mixed with the Vermicast and conveniently stored at the bottom of the tower "Earthworm Tea!".

In short, this is the description of 3-in-1 Veggie Tower:

Vertical Farming Saves Space! With a small footprint of 55cm in Diameter and 115cm in height, this veggie tower is able to grow between 54-150 veggies on a single tower.

2. Why you should own this system?

- Makes growing veggies so easy. You don't need gardening experience to start growing with this system.

- Beautiful design, it's a love at first sight planter

- Saves you time. Watering is less than 15 mins and it's self- sustainable. You hardly need to fertilize your plants because of plenty earthworm fertilizer and kitchen scraps composted in the tower. There's no need to replace soil or change soil after every  harvest. In fact the longer you use this tower, the richer  your soil gets.

- Fun and educational tool to get your young ones involved. Teach them food production is no better than this

- Provide constantly supply of healthy and nutritious fresh veggies for your entire family, all year round.

- Easy Installation, within 15 mins you can complete setting up. Please follow the video on how to set up below.

My children and nephews are enjoying gardening


Specification of 3-in-1 Veggie Tower:

  • 360° Rotating Design for easy access and sunlight management
  • 9 levels with 9 veggie growing slots each (54 slots/tower)
  • Multiple veggies can be planted in each slot.
  • Composting pillar for both Vermiculture and Kitchen Scrap Composting.
  • Earthworm tea and water collection tank. 
  • Diameter 55cm X Height 115cm
  • Made with 100% UV stable food-grade high-purity PP plastic which can lasts 8 - 10 years.
  • Eco-friendly Design

Whats's included in every set: (Worth $601.5)

1. 3-in-1 Organic Veggie Tower    Worth $499

2. 2 Complementary packets of seeds. Seeds variety might change depending on stock availability. Offer while stock lasts   Worth $9.60

3. 1 packet of live earthworms Worth $35.00

4. 1 Set of 100% Natural Home Made Pesticide Ginger, Chilli, Garlic Worth $57.90

2 packets of high quality seeds ( a mixture of veggies and herbs)


1 set of Aum Garden Natural Pesticide made of Ginger, Chilli and Garlic

1 box of Live Earthworms

See what other customers have used this system to grow a lot of veggies and herbs 

We highly recommend you use with Aum Garden Soil for optimal result.

Aum Garden Soil Mix is a formula adopted by my uncle, who is an organic farmer in Vietnam.

This is Aum Garden Secrets to grow plenty of veggies with ease.


Above all you will have my support. Reach out to me if you have any question

Tel: +65 8684 8819

or email us at

So cart it now and have fun planting with your loved ones!






1. Never use chemical fertilizer to fertilize your plants or use of chemical pesticides/fungicide. Instead use organic fertilizer or organic pest repellent. Please check our website for recommended products.

2. To get optimal result, do choose the suitable veggies to plant depending on the sunlight intensity in your home. For example, majority of leafy veggies such as chye sim, chinese cabbage, kailan, mustard greens, kales etc. require at least 4-6 hours of sunlight to grow really big. If there is not sufficient sunlight in your home, grow other veggies instead such as kangkong, sweet potato leaves, varieties of herbs etc.

3. Above all, enjoy the process of growing your own food. When you are close to nature, nature will transform you in many amazing ways. 

 Own this system because you Deserve the Best!

Instructional video on how to set up 3-in-2 Veggie Tower