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Agri-fos 400SL

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Agri-fos is anti fungal, environmental and human friendly. It is effective in preventing diseases caused by fungal on plants such as withered roots in tomatoes, chilies, potatoes, mildew powder in bitter gourds, melons, pumpkins etc. Agri-fos is a reputable brand farmers use to control a wide spectrum disease on plants.

Directions of use:

Leaves application: Add 2ml-2.5 Agri-fos: 1L water and spray on entire leaves and stems.
Roots application: Add 4ml Agri-fos:1L water and water thoroughly into soil/roots area.
Application should be done only during very early in the morning or late afternoon, avoid sunlight. 

Frequency: For prevention, spray 2-3 times every 7 days.
For treatment, spray 3 days consecutively, 1 time per day.

The waiting period: 7 days after application should be observed for safe consumption.

Attention to keep away from sunlight and out of reach to children.

Volume: 500 ml 
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