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All Natural Fish Emulsion Fertiliser 1L

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Aum Garden Fish Emulsion Fertiliser is a premier natural fertiliser.

Herb on Samsung One UI 5.0 It's rich in nitrogen (N) as well as other mineral supplements ie. an appreciable amount of Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Chlorine (Cl) and Sodium (Na). It helps the mciroflora of the soil, feeding beneficial bacteria and contributing to improve soil structure.
 Herb on Samsung One UI 5.0 The longer you use this fertiliser, the more fertile your soil is and the healthier and stronger your plants will become.

Direction for uses:

Herb on Samsung One UI 5.0Shake well: Ingredients may separate during storage. Avoid excess heat in storage. Apply only when diluted with water in accordance with directions. Do not store mixed solution.
Herb on Samsung One UI 5.0 Mix 5ml - 10 ml of Aum Garden Fish Emulsion Fertiliser with 1 Litre of Overnight Water and Fertilise your plants (on leaves, stems, roots and entire soil)

Application Frequency:
Herb on Samsung One UI 5.0Apply every 2-3 weeks (14 days to 21 days) during the growing season and after harvest (especially fruit trees) following the recommended ratio above.


Herb on Samsung One UI 5.0Use with Aum Garden Bio Fertiliser for optimal plant growth and production.