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Asparagus Seedlings

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Asparagus is known as the "King of Veggie" for asparagus is low in calories but boasts  impressive nutrient values. They are rich in Vitamin C, A, Potassium, iron, zinc etc. These are important vitamins for our body. Its excellent source of vitamin K is essential in blood clotting and bone health.

Grow asparagus at home is an smart choice because you can can grow them organically under your own care. Nothing is happier than harvesting your own healthy nutritious veggies to supply for your family meal.

One thing you might not know though, asparagus plants once mature can produce asparagus shoots (the ones we aim for) up to 10 years continuously. Such a good return on investment.

If you are looking to grow your own healthy asparagus at home, start with asparagus seedlings is something you should consider. Here's the reasons why.

1. Asparagus seeds need more work to sprout. You need to presoak and wait for them to sprout before they can be transferred to soil to grow. We have saved you  all of these tedious steps. More fun, less work to grow from seedlings. 

2. Save time: seedlings are young plants germinated from seeds and have been growing for 6-8 weeks now. About 4-5 months later, you should be able to harvest the first few asparagus. See your harvest quicker when you grow asparagus from seedlings.

3. Good survival rate. These are the strong seedlings that Aum Garden has selected to offer you so you will see most of your seedlings will adapt very well when you transfer them to a new pot. They are grown in their own individual bag now.


How to grow asparagus from seedlings bought from Aum Garden.

1. Prepare well drained soil

2. Transfer your asparagus seedlings into your planter. Planter size 20cm diameter x 20cm deep. 1 bag of seedlings should go into 1 pot. 

3. Water and keep soil moist so that asparagus seedlings can adapt and grow quickly. 

4. Fertilize your asparagus seedlings with Aum Garden earthworm fertilizer and Aum Garden Fish Emulsion for healthy choice of fertilizer once every 2 weeks.

5. Trim your asparagus plant. After 2-3 months you will see your asparagus plants grow bushier. You should remove stalks that are not healthy or skinny. Keep only a maximum of 3 healthiest stalks. These are the ones will produce fat and healthy baby asparagus shoots (spears) for you to harvest eventually.

4. Support your asparagus plants like how you support tomato plants for healthy growth and development.

I highly recommend you grow 10 asparagus plants (10 seedlings) to provide enough for your family. With 10 seedlings, you can harvest at least more than 20 asparagus spears, enough for a meal. 

Please feel free to check with me again if you need any technical support. 

Have fun growing asparagus now and see your harvest in no time.


Thank you for shopping with us.