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Aum Garden Bio Fertilizer 500g

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Aum Garden Bio Fertilizer is added with Microbes, Micronutrients (Boron, Zinc) and Humic Acid. 


- Contains nutrients required for healthy overall plant growth, in addition, it contains humates to balance pH levels of the soil as well as conditioning the soil

- Stimulates rapid root growth especially secondary roots, fruiting in fruit trees and robust young leaves, buds and shoots growth

- Darkens leaf colors, adds vibrancy to colors of flowers and fruits, increases the size of leaves, flowers and fruits.

- Restore plants growth after harvesting and getting plants ready for the next healthy phase of their development.

- Improves soil structure and moisture retention, releasing lock-in minerals for uptake by planta, and increasing worm populations and their biological activity in the soil

- Aum Garden Organic Bio Fertilizer is clean and organic, suitable for all types of plants


Package weigh 500g