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Aum Garden Cinamon Extract

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Probably most of us already knew that cinamon is not just a wonderful spice in your kitchen, it is also a valuable fragrant product for your gardening.🍀☘️
Usually cinamon is used as an Effective fungal treatment (prevent fungal infection in plants, diseases caused by fungi), promote healthy and quick root growth (when you propagate), remove ants 🐜 etc.
But this is the SECRET of Cinamon you might not know? It ENHANCES the flavour of your final harvest, makes your veggies, herbs and fruits sweeter, taste 10x better. You already work hard toward harvest, make your harvest a "Delight to the Taste" 😘
This cinamon extract is a fermented product, safe for all plants and smells amazingly irresistable. You will fall in love with it Instantly!
Direction for use:
For taste:
Mix 1 tsp of Aum Garden Cinamon Extract with 300ml of overnight water and spray on leaves of vegetables, herbs, directly on fruits 3 days before harvest to bring the finest taste to your table.
Extra use for fruits, protect your young fruits by spraying the mixture before you wrap your fruits.
For repellent of ants, mealy bugs etc.
Mix 1 tsp of Aum Garden Cinamon Extract with 1 tsp of cooking oil with 300ml of overnight water and spray on leaves, stems, roots of plants.
Effective on mealy bugs, white flies, spider mites, leaf miners, leafy veggie worms, beetles etc.) 
For better result, Rotate with Aum Garden Ginger, Chilli and Garlic Extract. 

Try this to love it!