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Bio Organic Fertiliser, NPK 5-5-5 Plant-Based Fertilizer for Vegetables and Fruit Trees, 200G

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Product Description
Bio-Organic Fertilizer is made from plant waste. It is specifically designed for all crops and offer balanced nutrients for healthy growth, more abundant foliage and fresh fruit production.

The colour of this fertilizer will be either black or brown due to natural ingredients with no added colouring agents. Does not contain any animal bone or waste products.

No smell that will put you off.

Directions of Use: Sprinkle fertilizer onto the soil according to dosage instructions printed on label of the bag once every 2-3 weeks, water immediately after fertilizer application to start absorption by the plants.

Nitrogen (N) - 5%
Phosphorous (P) - 5%
Potassium (K) - 5%