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Black Pepper Plant

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Did you dream of growing your own spices such as black pepper at home? Imagine harvesting them to prepare for your family meal. Such a joy especially when black pepper is a spice that is so often used in every dish.

Aum Garden makes it simpler and easier to grow your  own black pepper at home by starting growing from cuttings  (with roots).


Black Pepper plants have been propagated by Aum Garden. Short cut for you to see your pepper quicker. It takes more than 2 months for cutting to grow roots like now and stable to go to your garden any time.

If you were like me, I love growing plant from this stage because it is both fun and exciting and You can't wait to see new development in your plant every single day.


Growing pepper requires a little technique but don't worry you can learn along the way.

Here's a few tips to to grow black pepper:

1. Support: Black pepper plant is a limber and grow roots at every node of the plant (similarly to orchids). In nature, black pepper clings to big plant trunk to take nutrients and grow. Understanding this nature of your black pepper, you can find plants in your garden that can be a good support for your black pepper to climb. 

2. Soil: Grow black pepper plant in loose and well drained soil. Keep soil moist for your plant healthy development.

3. Fertilizer: Use Aum Garden Natural Fish Emulsion and Earthworm Fertilizer and Enzyme Protect (beneficial bacteria). This combination should be enough for your plants basic requirement.

Try growing your  own organic spices black pepper at home now by grabbing some of the seedlings here. You will have so much fun taking of this unique plant in your back yard.

1 rooted cutting at $12.90

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