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Blackberry Raspberry plants

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Blackberry and Raspberries are highly nutritious fruits and super easy to grow at home.

Growing condition

1. Choose loose soil 

2. Full sun for blackberry, Raspberry enjoys slightly cooler weather so it's better grow under shade with not hot sub

3. Fertilize with organic fertilizer such as goat dung or fish emulsion once a month.

4. Pesticide: it's wise to prevent insects by spraying natural pesticide routinely. Mix dish washing soap with water or blend ginger/chilli/garlic and spray onto undersides of leaves every 2 weeks. Spray during hot sun. You can try Aum Garden Natural Ginger Chilli Garlic solution or Aum Garden botanical Singapore Wild Daisy solution 

Start from these tissue cultured plants you can expect your plants to fruit after 6 months with proper fertilizer and care.

Plant about 7cm tall now 

Pot size required to grow blackberry or raspberries 25cm-30cm diameter pot