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Bokashi Bucket 10L- Eco lifestyle

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Mini Bokashi Bucket makes composting kitchen scraps at home easily and clean

The set comes with

  1. Bokashi bucket 10L
  2. EM Powder 500g
  3. 2 rakes


  • Add kitchen scraps (fruit peels, egg shell, tea leaves, coffee ground, carton paper etc.)
  • Mix with EM. 10-20g of EM per 1kg of kitchen scraps
  • Cover the bucket tight


How to use composted kitchen scraps for your garden

  1. Collect liquid from the valve. Dilute with overnight water and water your entire garden
  2. The remaining kitchen can be used after 30 days. Bury into your garden soil.

Composted kitchen scraps is a healthy source of food for your soil and plants.

The longer you fertilize your soil with this composted kitchen scraps the more fertile and rich your soil gets.


Start an eco friendly lifestyle and garden now