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Burnt Rice Husk

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- Burnt and Unburnt Rice Husk for Gardening Planting Good for Drainage and roots aeration. When plants roots are healthy, plants will absorb nutrients better.
- Rich in silica and potassium. Add burnt and unburnt rice husk to your soil mixture to give your soil more nutrients. Veggies or herbs grown in rich soil will be more nutritious for us eventually.
- Mixed with soil to provide more moisture and nutrient retention. In our hot weather, water retention especially when you grow plants that love lots of moisture.
- Absorbs unwanted ordours, makes your home clean and happy.
- Lightweight in nature so you can easily move your pots

How to use:
Mix a small amount of unburnt rice husk with soil when you formulate your own garden soil mix

Product size: 8L Packet

Aum Garden Recommendation: Buy together with unburnt rice husk, cocopeat, top soil, sand to form a good garden soil mixture if you are the DIY kind of person. Alternatively, you can try our own formula ready-to-use soil mix to save time. Just simply pour our garden soil mix into your pot and start growing. We already mix all the best ingredients plus organic fertilizer in the right proportion for your plants robust growth.

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