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Cacao Grafted Plant

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Make healthy and delicious chocolate at home is highly possible when you cultivate your own chocolate plant ie. Cacao plant.

Besides making chocolate from the cacao seeds themselves, you can also enjoy cacao fruit like any delicious fruits. Cacao fruit tastes sweet and a little sour. Very interesting to eat!

Grow cacao at home is not for everyone, only for those who loves unique fruit trees. 

I have selected this very well known cacao variety in Vietnam for you to grow in your backyard. 

The fruits look stunning. Such a show off to your friends and guests when they visit your garden.

Pot size: min 60cm diameter x 45cm deep

Cacao plant has been repotted and grown very well in Singapore weather for the past 4 months. 

They are growing new shoots and leaves healthily now.

Grafted cacao plant is about 1.2m tall now. Fruiting in 2 years' time without much cacao growing experience. 

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