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Coco Husk Chips

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Coconut Chip is a cube form of coconut coir. Coconut chip is lightweight, helping reduce weight when used in soil mixes, it also has excellent aeration, drainage and water retention properties, making it ideal for mixing into potting mixes.

Coconut Chip works in the same way as expanded clay pellets, just that they are made from plant matter. They are large enough to create air pockets and also absorb water so the potting medium does not dry out. In soil mixes, they provide excellent aeration and water retention while draining out excess water.

100% Coconut Coir

Cube size may vary, average: 1.5cm - 3cm

- Creates air pockets in soil
- Lightweight
- Natural Product
- High water retention
- Cube Size : 1.5 - 3cm (June 2021 Batch)
- Approx. Volume: 8L
- Approx. Weight: 0.6 - 0.8kg

Coco chip is also an excellent medium to grow orchids.

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