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Coffee Plant Grafted

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Coffee is probably one of the most challenging but fun plant to grow in your back yard.

Imagine the complete process of growing, harvesting to brewing these amazingly fragrant beans done right at your home, what else can be more satisfying?

Beautiful ripe coffee beans waiting to be harvested

Cultivating high quality coffee beans requires a deep understanding of the plant as coffee plant is very uniquely different from other plants. I would consider growing coffee is as challenging as growing durians. 

Coffee plantation in Vietnam

So this is not for everyone unless you find joy in growing new plants and get to know them better, not so much about to produce World Class Coffee Beans.

Coffee flowers with attractive scents and red fruits when ripen

Young Coffee Beans

Good news is, you can follow the Guide and Tips given every package, within 2 years grown from our grafted sapling, without any knowledge of growing coffee you will see the first coffee beans appearing in your plant. Isn't it wonderful?

The tips are real life experience by my farmer uncle in Vietnam. An extra bonus for you, enthusiast gardener.


Coffee Sapling description:

- Grafted plant, about 30-40cm tall

- Healthy plant

- Plant bears fruits in 2 years time

Order comes with 

- A Guide (how to repot coffee plant, fertilizing, trimming after 2nd years, disease prevention)


Real pic of coffee plant sapling 

Have fun planting new plants in your garden today, Add this exotic 'beverage' Coffee Plant to your garden Now!

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