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Composter 25L Set

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Composting your own kitchen scraps and turn them into good fertilizer for plants is sustainable living and gardening.

This composting tool 25L is suitable for you if:

1. You have a sizable garden and have been thinking of clean and organic home made fertilizer for your garden. You know by making your own fertilizer you are feeding your plants and soil with the best possible food

2. You feel bad throwing compostable kitchen scraps or food waste away

3. You want to grow food for yourself and family with the best and safest fertilizer so that your harvest is not just abundant but highly nutritious

4. You want to build an eco friendly garden, eco friendly lifestyle and taking care of our mother earth.

If this is you, we share the same interest and goal.

Why kitchen scraps fertilizer is good for your garden?

Finished kitchen scraps is a rich fertilizer that your soil/earthworms would love to be fed with. It's also full of live microbes which is a live force to keep your plants healthy and strong. 

To compost kitchen the right way you need the right tool and I have put together everything you need to make it easy and smooth, especial clean for your home environment.

That's why this set comes with

25L Barrel and 500g Tricoderma.

 Solid barrel with tight lid is very important for this entire process. Allows proper fermentation to happen and without any foul smell.

Tricoderma to break down kitchen scraps quickly and removing smell for the finished product.


  • Prepare kitchen scraps (you can collect any kitchen scraps such as egg shell, tea leaves, fruit peels, vegetables, coffee ground, expired flour, expired milk etc.)
  • Add collected kitchen scrap into barrel
  • Mix with tricoderma (every 10g of tricoderma per 1kg of kitchen scraps) mix well. Make sure kitchen scraps are moist as tricoderma works in moist condition. Add overnight water if required to moist your kitchen scrap
  • Close the barrel tight and refrain from opening the barrel until 30 days later.


How to use finished kitchen scraps fertilizer

  1. Liquid kitchen scraps: dilute 1tsp of composted liquid kitchen scraps with 1L of overnight water to fertilize your plants
  2. The left over can be buried into your soil.


1. How long can you keep this composted kitchen scraps? No expiry date, the longer you keep the better it gets

2. What plants composted kitchen scraps are suitable for? Any plants as long as they grow in soil

3. Is this suitable for me if I live in a HDB home? Yes if you are looking at an eco friendly lifestyle and have a big garden.

4. Will finished composted kitchen scraps have foul smell? No foul smell if done properly.

5. Can this kitchen scraps feed my earthworms? Yes it's a good source of food for earthworms 

 Watch instructional video here

If you have any question, please kindly contact us or call us at 8481 7108

Cultivate an eco home with this Composter Set  now.