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Custard Apple

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Custard apple is a perennial fruit tree, very easy to take care of. Custard apples are delicious fruit high in vitamin C, calcium and other minerals. Eat custard apples regularly to increase your immunity, reduce inflammation, support heart and bone health.

Aum Garden has specially selected this species of Thai Custard Apples for you to cultivate these wonderful fruits at home. 

This unique species are very flavorful and sweet. Thin skin with lot of white juicy and creamy flesh. Thai Custard apple is very resilient, suitable for Singapore hot weather.

You can grow them in pot (min 60cm pot) or in ground. 

Custard apples produces fruits 2-3 times a year.

Description of Aum Garden Custard apple sapling:

- Grafted custard apple plant, expected to produce flowers and fruits latest next year Sep.

- Plant about 45-50cm tall

- Healthy and strong plant

Aum Garden Custard Apple Sapling under grow light:

Aum Garden Custard apple in natural sun:


Tips to care for custard apple plant:

- Custard apple plant loves plenty sunlight and well drained, rich soil. Make sure you choose a suitable spot for your plant to develop well.  You can add more sand into your existing soil to increase drainage. 1 sand: 3 soil. Increase the ratio if your soil is not well drained enough. Use earthworm fertilizer, fish emulsion, goat dung fertilizer to enrich soil and keep your plant healthy. Use naturally insect repellent such as Aum Garden Ginger Chilli Garlic to repel mealy bugs, etc early. 

How to change pot for custard apple plant after purchase:

- If you grow custard apple plant in pot, choose a big pot min diameter 60cm. 

- Fill  2/3 of pot with soil 

- Remove the plastic pot and string, gentle transfer the plant (with existing soil intact) over to  new pot. Cover the roots with soil until almost fill up the new pot. Don't cover soil to the brim of pot. Leave some empty space behind so that you can continue adding fertilizer and soil for your plant along the way.

- Add root fertilize rich in potassium initially to encourage roots healthy development. If you have no preference, try Aum Garden Bio Fertilizer (see in listing below). Just a 1-2 tsp (follow instruction on label) scatter on top of soil and water. New shoots and leaves will develop in less than 1 week time.

- Water and keep soil moist.

- Once your plant is healthy, it will start producing flowers and fruits in less than 1 year time.

If you need any support please contact us Alicia at 8481 7108.

Free Lime powder 1kg for every order.

Buy 3 get 1 Free. 

Start adding these beautiful looking and yummy sweet fruits into your garden today!


Happy gardening friends!