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Enzyme Protect - Anti Fungal/Composting Kitchen Scraps/EM

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Enzyme Protect is a Natural Home Made Anti Fungal (Fungicide) to protect your garden against diseases caused by fungi such as wilt leaves in chillie, yellow leaves on orchids, red spots on malabar spinach etc.


Direction for Uses:

  • For Anti fungal and Diseases Prevention:

Mix 1 tsp of Aum Garden Enzyme with 1 Litre of overnight water and spray on entire plants from leaves, stems, roots to soil once a week. Do not keep the mixture. Discard them totally by pouring the remaining mixture into soil.

  • For composting of fertliser:

Mix 1 L of Aum Garden Enzyme with 20 L of overnight water

Pour the mixture into 50 kg of food waste/kitchen scraps/ soya waste etc. and mix well

Continue pouring water until water doubles the amount of the above mixture

Close the lid tight and keep out of sunlight

Shake the mixture without opening the lid every 3 to 4 days so that bacteria can be in touched with all the food waste/kitchen scraps etc.

Fertiliser is ready to use after 30 days

Dilute 1 tsp of the above fertiliser with 1 L of overnight water and spray on leaves, stems, roots, soil


Packet comes with 1 L of Aum Garden Enzyme Protect


Storage: Store in dry area, out of sunlight and reach of children.

If you have any question, please contact us.