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Fish Fertilizer and Enzyme Protect Set

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Looking for ways to boost your plants nutrients uptake and immunity naturally so they can grow faster and healthier?

Try out this combination and get a Free packet of Organic Flowering And Fruiting Fertilizer 500 g worth $14.90 for Free.

This set contain Aum Garden Fish Emulsion 1L, Enzyme Protect 1 L.

Promotion: 500 g Flowering and Fruiting Fertilizer worth $14.90


1. Aum Garden Fish Emulsion is a natural source of fertilizer made of whole fish through fermentation.

It contains a rich source of nitrogen and vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc etc. which are very important for your plants overall development.

Lacking of nutrients might result in plants slow development, yellow veins on leaves, falling off of flowers and fruits.

It's important that you fertilize your plants with sufficient nutrients for their overall health.


What plants are suitable for fish fertilizer:

Fish fertilizer can be used for all types of plants in your garden from veggies, herbs to flowers and fruit trees.


When can you apply Fish Fertilizer:

Apply fish fertilizer for all stages of plant developments.


Ratio and Frequency to apply Fish Fertilizer: Add 1 tsp of fish fertilizer to 1L of chlorine free water (ie. tap water kept overnight or rain water ) and water your entire your garden once every 2 weeks.

 2. Enzyme protect contains millions of healthy and effective microorganism to maintain healthy soil and plants in your garden.

Microorganism helps break down organic fertilizer/ organic matters in soil faster so that your plants can take up nutrients for their growth.

With added enzyme protect your will see your plants leaves grow darker, flowers last longer and fruits grow bigger.


What plants are suitable for Enzyme Protect:

All plants from ornamentals such as monstera, hibiscus, roses, succulent, orchids to veggies, herbs, fruit trees.


When can you apply Enzyme Protect:

You can apply Enzyme Protect for all stages of plants development


Ratio and Frequency of application:

Add 1 tsp of Enzyme Protect to 1L of overnight water and water into soil.

You can also spray this mixture into leaves and stems of plants

Use once or twice a week for optimal result


Attention: You can apply enzyme protect after you fertilize with any other organic fertilizer (such as cow dung, earthworm dung, sheep dung, etc) to break down organic fertilizer quicker for your plants' ready uptake.


3. Bio Flowering and Fruiting Fertilizer

You will be complimented with a packet of 500g Fruiting and Flowering Fertlilizer worth $14.90 when you buy Fish Fertilizer and Enzyme Protect together. Promotion while stock lasts.

This Fruiting and Flowering Fertilizer can be used for any flowering and fruiting plants to promote flowering, stop flowers from falling off and set fruits properly, achieve fruit bigger size and better taste.

Instruction: Apply 1 to 2 tsp of Fruiting and Flowering Fertilizer to the pot depending on pot size to promote flowering and fruiting.

Water immediately after application.

For better result, water with Enzyme Protect (following the mixture ratio above) after application.


Buy together as a set to save money.

Aum Garden Fish Fertilizer $29.90

Aum Garden Enzyme Protect $29.90

Total $60.80

Buy as a set $56.90

Free Fruiting and Flowering Fertilizer 500g worth $14.90


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