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Garden Soil Mix

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A good quality soil mix will make your gardening journey easier and more fun. For your plants to thrive, you need to provide them with well drained, loose and fertile soil. And this is the quality you will find in Aum Garden Soil Mix.🌱

Aum Garden Quality Soil Mix is super well drained and fertile soil formulated for all types of plants which grow in soil medium. 

- Veggies: all types of veggies and leafy veggies such as chye sim, chinese cabbage, gourds, kangkong, spinach etc.

- Herbs: all types of garden herbs such as basils, mints, rosemary etc.

- Fruit trees such as mulberries, mangoes, etc. 

- Flowers: all types of flowers such as roses, marigold, sunflowers etc

- Cactus

- Microgreens

Must you add anything else? No, you don't have to add anything else because all that you plants require are added in right quantity and ratio. All you need is pour and plant, saves you the hassle to mix your own soil so you can go on and do more important things in life. 😃

Besides well drained characteristic, Aum Garden Soil Mix 🌱has the ability to retain water well. It won't dry up so quickly leaving your plants deprive of water💧This means you only need to water once a day or even once every 2 days depending on the weather. Aum Garden Soil helps you save time for things that matter.

Remember to touch your soil before you water your plants. Water only when soil is dry to the touch. 

With added organic fertilizer (Bio plant based fertilizer) and earthworm fertilizer, as seen in the picture, your plants are provided with enough nutrients to last them until at least 5 weeks old.😉 You don't need to add any more fertilizer which again saves you time and money. You can start applying your usual organic fertilizer again after that to provide your plants with enough nutrients later on.🥰


Besides other ingredients, I added Tricoderma, a fungi commonly located at plants root area to prevent root rot, strengthen root growth and also helps to break down organic matters in soil faster. With added Tricoderma, your plants🌿are equipped with the right elements to thrive and grow healthily. This extra step is important to ensure a successful gardening journey for you later on.😀

Direction of use: Just pour our soil mix into your pot/planter and start planting.

Ingredients: Sand, soil, rice husk, cocopeat. Added organic fertilizer, Tricoderma and other microorganism and micro nutrients healthy for your plants.

Aum Garden recommends to use Organic Vermicast fertilizer to supplement your soil when your plants are more than 5 weeks old. 

Delivery: From $3.8 depending on weight. 

Free Delivery for more Total Order more than $90 (while stock lasts). Please Select self collection option upon checking out but we will deliver to you instead. 😉

Self collection is available at Blk 468B Admiralty Drive, #02-29. Singapore 752468. Any time, any day. Nearest MRT station is Sembawang.