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Gardening gloves

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Beautiful and comfortable glove protect your hands when you do gardening or house chores.

Good level of abrasion and oil resistance
High level of dexterity and flexibility
Very light and comfortable
Wear-resistant, comfortable and anti-fatigue

Excellent flexibility and tactile touch
Durable-maximum abrasion resistance
Nylon layer for water proof. Easily wash can clean. Save times and effort.

Every pair of gloves is design with human factor in mind. The multi faceted gloves materials is thick enough to provide protection for your hands.

The gloves' elasticity allows necessary flexibility for you to do your work.

Features: light and sensitive, soft and comfortable, excellent wear resistance, durable and lasting.

2 types of gardening gloves for your choice.
1. Without paw gardening gloves

2. With paw gardening gloves: Makes soil work, digging soil, planting, weeding easier with less effort while protecting your finger nails and your overall hands.

Colors: There are 2 colors of gardening gloves as shown in the picture.

Due to lighting, the actual color of the gardening gloves might be slightly different from the photos.

Each packet comes with 1 pair of gloves.