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Gardening Starter Set

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This is the super simple and easy, can't be easier to start that edible garden you've been thinking about.

I include all the good and necessary stuff for you. All you need is just buy it and do it.

1. Soil: 10 Liters of Aum Garden Soil Mix (Aum Garden soil mix is well drained, loose and nutritious soil, already mix for you (sand, soil, cocopeat, rice husk, organic fertilizer, extra microbes..).All you need to do is just pour into your gardening pot and start throwing your desired seeds. you DON'T need to add anything else!

2. Seeds: 3 packets of high quality seeds ie. kangkong, bayam (3 colors), local big and sweet lettuce from 10-50 gr depending on the seeds type

3. Organic Fertilizer: My beloved earthworm organic fertilizer 1kg, clean and nutritious fertilizer for your veggies and herbs. It's important to use clean fertilizer because you are growing food for yourself and loved ones at home.

4. Pest controller: 200 ml Orange Soil Enhancer. This is so far the best organic method for pest controller. Use 1 tsp/1 liter of water once a week to prevent pests. In organic gardening, remember prevention is easier and more important than cure.

5. Pots: 3 simple pots for you to kick start your gardening journey

You will have so much doing gardening. So start it off today! 

With lots of love,

Alicia- Aum Garden