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Golden Abiu Fruit Tree

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Golden Abiu is highly nutritious, sweet, juicy with thick flesh, fragrant very delicious to eat.

Golden Abiu tree is easy to grow and care for. Usually tree starts to fruit after 2-3 years if grown from seed or even quicker to fruit within 2 years from grafted branch.

Golden Abiu fruit contains a large amount of calcium, necessary for healthy bone development especially among young children. It also contains magnesium, iron, phosphorus and other essential vitamins and minerals for your strong immunity.

Golden abiu fruit is Juicy, sweet and fragrant. Enjoy fresh fruit like this alone or made into nice desert, juice to savour yourself during hot weather is great yummy treat.

Golden Abiu tree producing shiny and big fruit is a treat to your eye every time you walk into your garden.

Golden abiu flowering looks like this

golden Abiu Fruit tree is about 50cm tall both for grafted and from seeds.

Please take note the fruiting time might vary depending on your care condition and plant actual development. Above information is just an indicative.

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