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Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender

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Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender is very tolerant of heat and sunlight. It can survive even if you forgot to water it for a few days. 

Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender is used for its oil., flowers and it's strong lavender scent will make you feel relaxed and soothing. 

Care for Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender:

1. They love the sun so min 3-4hrs of sunlight is highly recommended. 

2. They are very sensitive to moisture therefore too much watering will cause the root to rot. They need to have direct sunlight and well-drained soil.

Why buy from Aum Garden?

At Aum Garden, the plants are carefully selected. We make sure our plants are healthy and of excellent quality when it reaches our clients.

Our Goodwin Creek Grey lavender has been already reported and stablized before sending to you.

Get a pot or two from us and start enjoying this amazing scented plants right now!