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Green Jambu Grafted

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Beautiful shaped and shade of Jambu, Green Jam offers a unique look of Jambu family. Green by their look but they are naturally sweet and juicy.

Easy to care for, easy to grow and quick to fruit when you grow from grafted plant.

You can grow grafted jambu in a pot. Please see the following photos for jambu in a pot.

Ideal pot size for jambu is min 45cm diameter x 35cm deep. If you can provide an even bigger pot for jambu, your plant will produce many fold fruits for you. This is the general understanding of fruit trees. More space, more nutrients, more fruits.

Good news for grafted plant is you can control the height of your plant. After your green jambu plant has fruited for the first time, you can start trimming branches and the top of your plant to your desired look and height.

Aum Garden has carefully selected the healthy grafted green jambu plant for your to cultivate in your garden. 

Provide with proper care, your plant will fruit in less than 1 year time.

Grafted Green Jambu 1-1.2m tall  now.