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Green Tea Plant

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'Why fresh tea leaves are better than dried green tea leaves?

Tea leaves contains the highest amount of EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate), a famous phenolic compounds that help prevent cell damage, cancer and many other health benefits. Fresh leaves contain up to 15x more when eaten fresh whole leaves (add to a smoothie, sauces, salsa) compared with dried green tea leaves conventionally steeped.


With this green tea sapling, you can make a fresh cup of green tea leaves free of pesticide plucked from your garden.

Repot green tea plant: 

- Gently remove the plastic bag (WITHOUT removing the existing soil even thought it might be hardened or muddy) and transfer your plant into new pot. Top up with your soil.

- Keep your newly repotted plant in the bright light area, away from the sun for a few days until your plant is well adapted.

Aum Garden green tea plant sapling about 45cm tall.

Your green tea and grow into a beautiful bushy tree after a year with regular trimming. With a bushy tree, you can have a constant supply of fresh and nutritious tea leaves for your entire family to enjoy.

Established green tea tree

Green tea flowers