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Hoa Loc Vietnam Sweet Mango

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Hoa Loc Mango is one of the best mangoes varieties in Vietnam.

They are super sweet, fragrant and no fiber, smooth to the last bite.

Plant is highly resistant to diseases. Grow very strong in hot weather.

Tips to grow delicious mangoes

1. Use more sandy soil

2. Prepare a big pot size to supply enough nutrients for big fruits and flavour. Min pot 60cm diameter if you prefer growing this mango in a pot.

3. Add more organic fertilizer such as goat dung, cow dung, earthworm fertilizer into pot base when you repot. By doing this you allow your organic fertilizer time to break down properly when you plant requires the most nutrients to fruit and flower 1 year down the road.

Start from grafted plant is the shortest way to see fruits. 

Plant is expected to fruit after 1 year's time with proper care. 

Now, Hoa Loc mango grafted tree is about 1-1.3m tall.

We do our best to supply the healthiest and most quality plants to you. 

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