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Jujube Big Size

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I am very sure you jujube is no stranger to most of us gardeners.

These high in Vitamin C and crunchy fruit has won the heart of us because they are simply easy to grow and care for and they can produce fruits throughout the year. This means, growing jujube you will be able to harvest their delicious fruits more often than other seasonal fruits such as mangos, mangosteens, rambutan etc. What an amazing hassle free plant!

Because of this, jujube plant is present almost in every garden in Singapore. 

But today, I'm going to share with you this interesting jujube which has rapidly gained popularity in Vietnam. Their fruit size is usually 3-4 times bigger than the common jujube with some can grow as big as a mangosteen, no exaggeration. Given that impressive size, their fruit quality is of no compromise. They are naturally sweet, crunchy and simply delicious. 

Jujube sapling is about 1.2m  tall now. Some are already flowering and fruiting but that is not important because you should remove their flowers and fruits now, if you can! I know a lot of you sayang sayang. Did you know by removing the flowers and fruits now, you give your plant an opportunity to grow properly, focus on their roots, body and stems. It might be slow in the beginning but the yield is sustainable over the long run. Fruits production will increase year after year. Jujube plant can fruit up to 5 years with good quality fruit.

Tips to grow jujube plant

1. Choose well drained and loose soil

2. Water and keep soil moist when your plant is young. Later on you can water every 2 days depending on the weather. Jujube plant can withstand drought very well.

3. Choose a pot size of min diameter 60cm x 45cm depth if you need to grow it in a pot. Give your plant some support/trellis.

4. Fertilizer:

- Fertilizer when repotting: I usually add organic fertilizer such as earthworm fertilizer, goat dung fertilizer as a base when I repot my sapling. This amount of fertilizer can last your plant for 1 year. Pour soil to 1/3 of pot. Add earthworm fertilizer and goat dung fertilizer. Next, add soil to 2/3 of pot. Gently put jujube sapling into pot and cover the sapling with the rest of soil. Next, add just a little roots fertilizer (I use Aum Garden Bio Fertilizer) to boost extra root growth. Strong root is the foundation for a strong plant, remember that! Water thoroughly until water flows out from pot. (If you have Fish Emulsion please add into soil and water your plant this time). For details on fertilizing your plant, please refer to the Guide given to you.


If you follow all the steps above, you can look forward to harvesting big and delicious jujubes in less than 6 months.


Let the fun begin in your garden!

Thank you for shopping with Aum Garden.

Happy gardening!