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Microgreens set

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Easiest Microgreens ANYONE Can!💪💪
** I these 3 easiest, anyone can type of microgreens

If you love to create your own Healthy and Creative dishes esp over weekend like this, microgreens is a friend you can depend on.

Here are the reasons WHY you should grow microgreens at home
1. Microgreens are quick to harvest ☘️5 to 7 days after sowing seeds. Don't have to wait for 1 month like in the case you grow veggies 😉
2. 30-40% More Nutritious than their mature greens counterparts. So this is a simple way to nourish your body💪🤲
3. Simple to grow. No fertilizer or pest control required. You eat before the pests eat 😋

1. 3 types of microgreens (Green Radish, Purple Stem Radish, Beet Microgreens - 50- 100g) 

Plus Promo for CNY 2 more packets of microgreen seeds ie Amaranth green and amaranth red 20G each.
2. All purpose Ready to use Soil Mix 8L. Clean and good mix for all types of veggies, herbs and microgreens


- Pour soil mix about 7 cm deep into tray (any tray or pot you have at home as long as there are holes at the bottom).
- Scatter microgreens seeds (choose 1 type for 1 tray)
- Cover the seeds with another 2cm deep of soil
- Spray water into tray, make sure soil is well moist
- Place tray in bright area such as by window sill or kitchen window. Never place tray in hot sun
- Continue spraying water for the next few days. Make sure soil is moist at all times until seeds germinated
- Harvest your cute and delicious microgreens after 5 to 7 days.

Can yield more than 2kgs of microgreens
- Green microgreens 100g $6.50
- Purple Stem microgreens 100g $7.50
- Beet Microgreens 50g $7.50


- Red Amaranth Microgreens 20 G @ $7.50

- Green Amaranth Microgreens 20G @ $7.50
- Aum Garden Soil mix 8L $11.90
Total $ 49.80
Buy as a set $ 29.90

Delivery option is available
Self collection at 468B Admiralty Drive.

Free delivery with min spending $45
Just sow the seeds, the excitement alone is already worth it 😍🥰