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Muscat Bailey A Grafted Grape Plant

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A little introduction about Muscat Bailey A (Muscat Bailey Grape).

Muscat Bailey A is a deep pink-skinned grape variety used to make light red wines in Japan. It was bred in the 1920s by Kawakami Zenbei, the "grandfather" of Japanese wine.

Muscat Bailey A wine made of Muscat Bailey Grapes with its candy-sweet aroma, in gorgeous pinky-sexy red color recently has nailed to be a representative variety of Japanese wines. 

You are about to cultivate this superb grape variety right in your garden.

Besides all the sexy things being talked about this grape cultivar, surprisingly Bailey Muscat A grape plant demonstrates many amazing traits which you can't resist giving this variety a try.

1. It can resist diseases very well (thanks to its large berries with thick skins which probably explains its resistance to fungal diseases)

2.  Super easy to flower and fruit as compared with other varieties

3. Fruiting and flowering a lot earlier (6 -8 months from grafted plant)  

Muscat Bailey A grape can adapt to Vietnam hot weather very well and today thanks to its many superior traits, this variety has become one of the top favourites to go for grapes in Vietnam.

Description of Muscat Bailey A grafted grape plant:

Real life pic of Muscat Bailey A grape plan. Some are flowering and fruiting.

Plant is about 30cm tall but bearing the first bunch of fruits.


 Muscat Bailey A grape plant is grafted, about 20-30cm. Some are flowering and fruiting now. If you love watching tiny flowers and fruits from such a small plant, grab this opportunity to get some of this grafted plants home. 

I have limited stock with flowers and fruits. 

For later batch, if there's no flowers and fruits in your grafted plants, no worries, it will flower and fruit in less than 6 months' time.

Make sure you follow the Guide to Care for Grape plant we have prepared for you.

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