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Orange Trumpet Vine

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Pyrostegia venusta, also commonly known as flamevine, or orange trumpet vine, is a plant species of the genus Pyrostegia. It's originally native to southern Brazil. Today Orange Trumpet vine is widely cultivated in different parts of the world. It's grown in home garden to provide shade and also enhance the charming look of the entire home.

 It is an evergreen, vigorously-growing climbers, capable of reaching 5 m in height. You only to give it support such as your house wall, gate etc. and it will grow into an irresistibly attractive vine which lasts for a long long time. 

Orange Trumpet Vine is believed to bring good luck and success for owners.

Uses of Orange Trumpet Vine

- You can grow Orange Trumpet as a magnificent way to provide cool shade for your home.


- Orange Trumpet Vine is also grown along the fence, wall or front gate to beautify your home 1000 times. Their attractive and bright color can turn your home into a splendid piece of art. Nobody can ignore their charming look from afar. 

Care of Orange Trumpet Vine:

- Orange Trumpet Vine is hardy and very easy to grow under tough condition. It can withstand drought very well.

- It loves plenty sunlight but can still do well under bright light. 

- Orange Trumpet Vine grows exceptionally well in tropical climate like Singapore weather.

Plant description:

Plant in pot about 45 cm tall. No flowers yet.