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Perlite typically contains the following ingredients: 70-75% silicon dioxide. Aluminum oxide. Sodium oxide.


Perlite speeds up the germination and rooting, improves aeration, draining & insulation in Potting Mixes, and improves the texture of clay soils. Perlite is the name for a naturally occurring siliceous rock. When heated, it can expand from four to twenty times its original volume.


Perlite is very light with a particle and BD of 0.9 and 0.1 g cm−3, respectively. It is very porous, has a strong capillary action, and can hold 3–4 times its weight in water.

How To Use Perlite?

Perlite is used in potting compost mixes to improve aeration, draining, and insulation.
You can add perlite with other media such as burnt rice husk, cocopeat and mix into soil. Ratio (perlite 1 part+ burnt rice husk 1 part + cocopeat 1 part) total makes up 50%. 50% remaining is soil.

To improve your soil structure even further, add earthworm fertilizer.
Try the above formula and see changes in your plants and entire garden!

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