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Pressure Spray 2L

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2L Hand Pressure Sprayer Garden Chemical Spray Bottle Gardening tool

Are you looking for a beautiful design looking pressure spray and lasting? Look no further. 

Features: Perfect anti-blocking water mouth: two-stage design, unique craft, the water flow smoothly, not blocking


ABS material: high strength, high hardness, good heat resistance and cold resistance, long life

Energy-saving handle: handheld grip design, any hand type can easy to master Antiskid handshake: ergonomic design, holding comfortable, energy-saving and anti-skid

Automatic safety relief valve The air pressure is strong, and can be up to 5 ~ 8m injection water column

The adjustable spray(rotating nozzle)

1.Umbrella spray: the spray is exquisite, the adhesion rate is high, the fog is wide 2.Water column effect: the heavy brush force can be used to water the farther plants


Product dimension:

 Pressure Spray Kettle Capacity: 2L

Material: PP

Color in stock: Peach