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Purple Big Longan

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This purple longan is very unique. Naturally muted in the southern part of Vietnam from a longan garden. It rapidly became well known throughout the country in a short period of time.

Purple longan is naturally strong, less diseases as compared with other longan variety.

Their very attractive purple red look coupled with the fruit premium quality (sweet, fragrant, juicy with thick flesh) will definitely make you fall in love with this unique variety.

Description of fruit size:

- Big size, about 4-5cm diameter, one of the biggest logan fruit size so far.

- Sweet, flavorful and juicy White color flesh even though the skin is purple.

- Usually fruiting 2 times a year. Abundant bunch of fruits. Very beautiful

Growing condition:

- Purple big longan prefers loose and well drained soil

- Can grow in pot. Plant height can reach 3m but you can trim to your desired height 1.5-2m to easily care for your plant. 

- Purple longan love plenty sun 

Description of Grafted Longan Tree that Aum Garden supplies:

- Grafted plant about 70-80cm tall. Fruiting in 2 years' time.

- Leaves purple when young and slowly change to green as leaves mature.

Similarly to growing guava, bua dong dong, mango, star fruits, lemon in a pot,  growing purple longan in a pot can be a beautiful display as a bonsai and at the same have fruits to harvest.

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