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Purple Guava Plant

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Purple Guava is so fascinated to look at and it tastes just delicious. Naturally sweet with just a tint of sour taste, makes it perfect for guavas.

Purple guava's leaves and skin are purple but when you open, the flesh is bright pink, makes it so beautiful to look at.

Purple guava can fruit all year round and it is very easy to care for. 

You can easily grow purple guavas in a pot size about 35-45cm diameter.

Mature Purple guava is about 1.3m-1.5m tall. Fruiting in less than 6 months' time.

Aum Garden Guava Plants

Tips to grow purple guava:

1. Purple guava does not require a big pot, you can grow in pot size 35-45cm diameter pot. 

2. Trim often: trim overlapping branches or small/underdeveloped branches so that air can flow and sunlight can reach every leaves.

3. Fertilize with organic fertilizer such as earthworm or goat dung, cow dung fertilizer once a month. When your guava plant flowers, stop watering until tiny fruits form. 

4. To get big fruits, cut the end of the branches, about 10 cm away from the fruits. Fertilize with Aum Garden Premier fruits fertilizer to enhance fruit size and flavour Naturally.

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