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Queen's wreath, petrea, purple wreath, or sandpaper vine

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Queen's wreath (Petrea volubilis) is a stunning tropical vine that resembles wisteria with its drooping lavender flowers. You may know this vine by one of its other common names: Petrea, purple wreath, or sandpaper vine. The name sandpaper vine refers to the texture of the plant's leaves which are stiff and feel, as the name suggests, like sandpaper.

This tropical plant has a large native range. It can be found growing south from Southern Mexico through Central America on into northern and western South America down to Paraguay. Today Queen's wreath has been extended into many parts of the world such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand etc.



Queen's wreath flowers multiple times a year—most profusely between February and June. The flowers are densely packed in a form and from a distance, resembles a bunch of grapes. The actual flowers are small and light blue or purplish.

Planting and care:

Queen's wreath will grow best in full sun but can tolerate partial shade. This plant has high drought and wind tolerance. It's a hardy plant. It does not require much care when they are mature/established. This plant hardly has any insects.

Some ideas to grow Queen's Wreath

Queen's wreath looks lovely when allowed to grow over a gated entrance, along fences, in a large container, or even clambering up a selected tree. Just be sure to provide your plant with a sturdy support structure when growing it as a vine.



Product description:

Plant is 1.2m tall with flowers