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Microgreen Seeds

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Why microgreens?
- Microgreens are super nutritious for your body, usually 30-40% more nutritious than their mature veggies counter parts. If you can access or grow your own microgreens, you are nourishing your body with tender care and love. You will see the long term benefits of taking care of your body when we get 'ripe", just like me now.
- Microgreens don't require long hour of sunlight. In fact, if your kitchen window are is bright enough, you can start growing your microgreens. Best of all, you don't have to do pest control because you will harvest microgreens before your 'enemy' can smell it.

How they taste?
- Radish Microgreen taste a bit spicy, crunchy and nutritious, good to go with salad, perfect as side fish with fish, seafood or meat. Delicious and yummy to enjoy these microgreens raw.
- Beat Microgreens taste similar to their mother beets. Pungent and just as delicious. This is for you if you can't take anything spicy :)

Why these seeds
- High Quality seeds. Germination rate 90% :)
- Super Easy to grow microgreens and Quick to Harvest. These 3 though different colors are very similar in characteristics and growth rate.
- Harvest after 5 to 7 days after sowing seeds depending on how bright your growing area is. The brighter the faster growth.

How to grow?
Soil method (applicable to these 3 types of microgreens).

- Presoak seeds if you wish to. Else just sow straight into soil. I sow them straight into soil.

- Prepare soil. Pour about 5 cm-7 cm deep of soil into tray. If you don't have any soil preference, do consider my soil mix Aum Garden listed here. Just simply pour our soil mix into tray and start sowing :)
- Sow seeds into soil, about 1cm-1.5cm deep below the top soil level.
- Spray water and keep soil moist. But not too wet. With experience you will know how to adjust the most suitable moist level. If soil is too wet, it might cause root rot for your microgreens or even dampen the sprouting process. If soil is too dry, your seeds will not sprout or your microgreens will struggle to grow. Observe and you will be able to tell!
- Bring tray to bright light or tender sunlight area, not scorching hot sun. Example of such area are near your kitchen sill or window. Seeds will germinate faster.
- Continue spraying water and keeping soil moist until harvest.
- Enjoy your freshly harvested and healthy microgreens with family.

1. Microgreens enjoy tender sunlight. Do sunbath them in tender sunlight just like you do with your babies from day 1 is ok.
2. Keep soil moist until harvest. But do not overwater it. Too wet the soil might cause root rot
1. Don't be afraid to try again. A good gardener provides a suitable environment for your plants to grow. We can't control the whole process. So don't be disappointed if the harvest doesn't come as you expect. Just do it again but do it differently.

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