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Rang Dong

Rang Dong Seeds Collection

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Buy 3 get 1 Free (Free seeds are randomly selected)

High quality Rang Dong seeds imported from Vietnam.

New seeds with High Germination rate more than 80%

Some of the seeds germinate as quickly as within 3 days such as kangkong, bayam, radish, cabbage, Brocolli etc.

Tested and recommended by Aum Garden!

Tips for sowing seeds:

If seeds are delicate an small seeds such as lettuce, spinach, do not sow them too deep into soil. Instead sow about 0.5 to 1 cm deep. Seeds usually geminate faster when expose to bright light, but not hot sun. Keep soil moist at all time during germination period.

If seeds are big and with husk such as Beans (french beans, long beans, sunflower seeds etc) presoak them in 2 hot water:3 cold water (around 50DegreeC) for 6 to 8 hours before sowing. 

To your gardening success!


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