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Red Jambu

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Red jambu is delicious, nutritious and so precious when you grow them clean from your own garden. This variety is sweet and super juicy, a way to quench your thirst on a hot day.

Jambu plant is Easy to care for and fruit naturally without much effort.

Example of how Jambu (in general) can be a beautiful plant grown in a pot. Imagine having something like this for New Year. What a show off to your friends!

Aum Garden has carefully selected these healthy grafted jambu plant for your to cultivate in your garden.

Grafted Jambu tree to produce fruits in 1 year time. 

Grafted Jambu tree is about 1-1.2m tall.

Pot size: min 35cm-40cm diameter x 30-35cm deep.

If you  have any question please feel free to reach us at 8481 7108.

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