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Rosemary live plant

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Introduction of rosemary herb:

Rosemary is a super useful kitchen herb you should cultivate in your garden, be it for cooking of rosemary chicken, rosemary beef or just a couple of fresh leaves for relaxing rosemary tea. Having readily available herb in your garden is a convenience and joy.


The truth is many of us don't know how to keep rosemary alive in our hot and humid Singapore weather. 

Here's our Aum Garden tips and tricks to keep rosemary plant thrive:

Plant care:

1. Sunlight: Rosemary require full sun or at least 3 hours shine directly on leaves 

2.  Soil: Use very fast drainage soil as rosemary doesn't like wet feet. They are drought resistant plants

3. Water: Simple rule applies to all plants including rosemary and that is water only when soil is dry to the touch (poke your finger into soil about 2cm deep and check if your finger is dry) 

Why Buying plants from Aum Garden:

We have carefully selected the healthiest rosemary plants, repot and stablize the plant before delivering to you. That way your plant will last for a long time.