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Pot Hanger Corridor or Balcony Planting

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With this hanger, you can easily grow any plant by the balcony or corridor.

Just need to hook onto your corridor or balcony and start growing any plant you like.

Hanger comes with extra support allows pot to stabilize, preventing soil from spilling when watering, keeping your house/ balcony tidy. This small improvement enhances the aesthetic look of your garden.

This pot size is perfect for majority of plants (deep enough wide enough) from roses, to hibiscus, to herbs, veggies etc.

Pot is well design with lots of drainage holes allows excess water to drain off easily preventing root rot and increase aeration in soil. The design of pot is important to allow healthy plants growth.

Please kindly check the dimension below before you purchase to make sure the hanger is big enough to hook onto your wall/corridor/balcony.

There are 2 colors you can choose from for pots purple and white.

Hanger comes with white color.

You can buy hanger alone or add with pot to make a easy. 

The size of the pot is perfectly fit into the hanger.

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