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Ruby Pink Guava Less Seeds

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Ruby pink flesh guava has very few seeds. They are crunchy when not so ripe and delicious to eat. Especially you will fall in love with their attractive look from outside to inside.

Pink ruby guava is a 'hot' variety of guava now as they are a lot more delicious to eat as compared with other guava. 

How to care for Ruby Pink Flesh Less Seeds Guava plant:

1. Pot size: If you grow Pink Ruby guava in a pot, choose pot size MIN 40-45cm diameter x35-40 cm depth. The bigger the growing area (pot size/ground) the more fruits your plant can produce.

2. Plant grafted guava plant: Gently remove the plastic bag and place your plant upright in the pot. Water thoroughly after repotting.

1. Soil: Grow ruby guava in well drained and loose soil. This guava plant cannot take soggy and constant wet soil

2. Water: Keep soil moist for your ruby guava to grow well. Never let it dry out especially during fruiting and fruits growing

3. Fertilizer: Use organic fertilizer such as earthworm fertilizer, fish emulsion, goat dung fertilizer and Rich phosphorous fertilizer to grow massive roots when you first  plant your Pink ruby into pot. Phosphorous fertilizer is also important for healthy flowering and fruiting later on. Aum Garden Bio Fertilizer can be used for this purpose. To get big and good quality guavas, try Aum Garden fertilizer set for Growing Fruit Trees. 

4. Trimming: When your pink Ruby guava reaches about 1.5m tall, start cutting the tip of main trunk. This is to encourage more branches and stable plant growing. Keep 2-3 healthiest branches, Level 1 branches. After these level 1 branches grow longer about, cut again to start level 2 branches. Level 2 branches usually grow from the node (between 2 leaves) or the branch itself. Wait for level 2 branches develop and start trimming again to create a nice foliage. Neat and tidy plant keeps your pink ruby guava develop healthily with less diseases. Trim also unhealthy, skinny, weak or diseases infested branches so that nutrients can focus on healthy branches.

Description of Pink Ruby Few Seeds Guava - Grafted:

-These Pink Ruby Guava grafted plants are carefully selected by Aum Garden (plant is healthy, confirmed right variety as described). 

- Grafted ruby guava plant is about 50-60 cm tall. Plant will flower again after less than 6 months' time.

Please see picture of actual plant below


Growing fruits tree at home is a good investment. Grow one time and harvest many years down the road. So it's wise that you choose the variety that you love, strong and healthy variety (good sapling) to make it worth your investment (time and effort).

Ruby pink guava is a good investment you should add to your fruit trees collection.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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