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Self Watering Vertical Planter

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Beautiful self watering planter system allows you to grow all kinds of vegetables and herbs in a constrained space. Lettuce, chye sim, tomato, chilli and even cucumber, climbers can be done with this system.

Self absorbing water planter allows you to save time watering your plants. This means even you are leading a busy lifestyle taking care of plants can be much easier.

Constant supply of water allows vegetables, herbs to grow better. This means you will spend less effort to grow fresh, healthy and delicious edibles for your loved ones.

This system fits in nicely in constrained balcony or patio.

Dimension is as described. Different options are available.

2 Planter With Wheels Set A

2 Planter With Wheels Set B

3 Planters With Wheels

Single Planter 


Planters are deep enough to grow majority of veggies and herbs for your entire family.

With this system, your family can get involved in the whole process of gardening and bringing fresh food to the table. 

This system is easy set up. You will spend less than 10 mins to set it up. 


We recommend you use our Aum Garden Ready soil mix comes in 8L per bag. Just need to pour into the planter and start growing. 

Happy gardening!