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Shine Muscat Grafted Grape Plant

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Shine Muscat Grapes originated from Japan is well known for its quality. It carries a Crunchy bite at the surface to candy-flavor sweetness with a refreshing grape juice within. Definitely something cannot be forgotten after the first bite of it.

Cultivating this highly sought after grape variety right in your garden is probably something worth considering. You will harvest not just the surest clean grapes for your family but also a tremendous joy and fun growing your own fruits.

Aum Garden Grafted grape sapling is ready to produce fruits within less than 1 year from now.

About 40cm tall now.

Repot tip: Gently remove the grow bag and place your grape sapling into new pot/in ground.

Water deep until water flows out from pot.

Avoid transplant shock by keeping your newly repotted plant in a cool/ shaded area for a couple of days.

Suitable soil to grow grape: Grape plant prefers well drained and loose soil. If you have to mix your own soil, you can add more river sand, rice husk or burnt rice husk/perlite to achieve this soil texture. 

Watering: Water enough to keep soil moist daily. 

For other details such as fertilizing, cutting and trimming for flowering and fruiting for grapes, please refer to the guide provided.

Shine Muscat grape is suitable to grow in Singapore sunny weather. Only thing you need to take note is avoid cutting for flowering/fruiting during wet season to ensure you have the best quality grapes and bountiful harvest.

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Happy gardening!