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School Holiday Package

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Do you know good seeds sown in good soil is half the battle win for an easy gardening journey. The other half is providing your plants with the right environment ie sufficient sunlight (3 to 4 hours for leafy veggies), sufficient water (keep soil moist enough but not wet all the time, keep that right balance which comes with experience) and a loving heart, which you already own one. This way, not just garden will bloom but you will too. And that's the most important thing. 

Package includes 

1. Premium Aum Garden Soil Mix 8L

2. Quality Rang Dong Vegetables Seeds x 5 packets ie. Kangkong 50 G, Mizuna 5 G, Sweet Cabbage 1 G, Red Amaranth 20 G, Lettuce (Young harvest) 10 G. Germination rate > 80%

3. Free Aum Garden Soil Mix 8L

How to use garden soil mix:  Just simply pour soil mix into pot and start sowing seeds

Love to see your garden beamed with gentle Spring!