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hat is Tricoderma: 

Trichoderma are fungi that are present in nearly all soils and other diverse habitats. In soil, they frequently are the most prevalent culturable fungi. 

They are favored by the presence of high levels of plant roots, which they colonize readily. Some strains are highly rhizosphere competent, i.e., able to colonize and grow on roots as they develop.

In addition to colonizing roots, Trichoderma attack, parasitize and otherwise gain nutrition from other fungi. Since Trichoderma grow and proliferate best when there are abundant healthy roots, they have evolved numerous mechanisms for both attack of other fungi and for enhancing plant and root growth.

- Tricoderma is used to increase plants immunity and microbes in soil.

- Control bad bacteria and fungi which cause certain diseases in plants such yellow leaves, root rot, wilts, rotten fruits in chillies and tomatoes etc, 

- Speed up the composting process and break down organic matters in soil into more ready-and-easy-to-absorb nutrients for plants. 

- Improve secondary roots to increase nutrients uptake 

- Easy to use, eco friendly and clean for home gardening.

- One product with multiple uses: Mix with water to spray on plants as a preventive method or mix with granular fertilizer and fertilize your plants. You can even add tricoderma to  your kitchen or food waste to speed up the composting process and remove foul smell. Please read detailed direction of use below.

Tricoderma can be used for:

- Fruit trees: Mango, longan, lychee, durian, grape, dragon fruit, water melon etc.

- Veggies and herbs: egg plant, tomato, cucumber, gourd, any leafy veggies such as chye sim, cabbage etc.

- Flowers and ornamental plants:  orchid, marigold, rose, tulip etc

Direction of use:

1. Prevention of diseases: Mix 10G of Tricoderma with 16L of water and spray on leaves for veggies, herbs and flowers and spray on roots for fruit trees.

2. Use as fertilizer: Mix 10g of Tricoderma with 1kg of granular fertilizer and fertilize your plants. Water after application.

3. Use to compost kitchen or food waste: Mix 10g of Tricoderma with 1kg of food or kitchen waste. If your kitchen waste or food waste is dry, add water until they are moist as fungi and bacteria in tricoderma needs to be exposed to water to work.

Use an airtight lid bin or tie the bag 100% tight if you use a plastic bag to compost your kitchen or food waste. Keep the bin or bag away from sunlight for the entire composting process. Compost for 15 to 30 days before use.

Composted waste is a fantastic natural source of fertilizer you can feed your plant with. Your veggies and fruits will be so healthy and you are helping to cut down waste and keep our environment clean.


Tricoderma works best with organic matters in moist environment. Therefore, you should provided Tricoderma with organic matters and enough moist whenever you apply this product. 

Ingredients: Organic Matters, Humidity, Tricoderma, Humic Acid.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. 

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Happy gardening!