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Eucalyptus Plants

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2Eucalyptus is an all time favorite for many gardeners. It's relaxing scent and beautiful leaves are probably the main reason why we can't resist but to grow at least one in our garden.

You can use eucalyptus leaves and branches as fresh flowers cut to decorate your beautiful home, soak in eucalyptus scent in your shower room or just simply bruise eucalyptus leaves to get their amazing scent.

I heard people say eucalyptus scent can heal sinus and clear your throat. If that is true you have an natural gift to heal your body then.  It's also known as to repel mosquito and repel other unwanted garden insects. Grow together with 

Imagine yourself having fresh and unlimited supply of fresh eucalyptus leaves at your convenience right from your garden.


Best news is you can grow this wonderful plant in Singapore weather following these few growing requirements

1. Soil : Use Well drained soil. This allows roots to develop healthily while preventing root rot due to our humid weather

2. Watering: As a general practice water only when soil is dry to the touch (dip your finger into soil 2cm deep and check if it's dry. If it is yes it's time to water your plant)

3. Sunlight: Eucaplyptus requires partial to full sun. 

Plant description:

Live eucalyptus plant 45-50cm tall.

Variety: Baby blue and silver dollar eucalyptus. Both fragrant and require similar care condition 

If you can provide such an environment described above and you are like me, enjoy the refreshing scent of Eucaplyptus, grab 1 or 2 eucalyptus plants and grow now.